Best European Seed Banks

The legalization of medical marijuana is a big movement all around the world. Europe is well known for its lax laws about the marijuana seed. The best European seed banks can change perspectives from many new users around the world. New customers will want to read up on the laws in these European countries. That could be informative and help people understand the availability of these seeds. There are many new shops that cater to medical marijuana users. That could be a big trend in the future for these countries. New users will want to obtain an Rx from a trusted doctor too.

Best European Seed Banks

First, think about the best European seed banks that do business with people. Some cater exclusively to the needs of growers in the world. But individuals can buy and use their own seeds as they see fit. Growing the weed at home is becoming much more popular these days. The best European seed banks will offer expressed deals to those that are interested in them. That is why proper research is a must for all new users these days. Trust the reviews written by experts in the industry as well. Then write new reviews and help support a growing new industry as well.

The price tag for the product may vary based on the seller. The best European seed banks can offer good deals. Trust the seller and see what offers they can extend to people. They are often conscious of the needs of modern buyers on the market. That adds to the utility of connecting with a seller and knowing more about their price tag. The best European seed banks can extend good deals to people. The shipping fees can be considered with the seller making an offer. That should get the product shipped very soon.


Keep your laminate floor in mint condition.

The power of a qualitative vacuum

Whether we live in a house, business or hobby room, we all have laminate floors. We are spending more than 10 hours on average (excluding sleeping hours) on our floors. This is why we want a clear living space. We walk, play, move furniture, have party’s and business meetings. All of these activities are taken care of with a vacuum cleaner. Picking the right vacuum cleaner is crucial to keep your living room clean. There is a vacuum cleaner for everyone and every lifestyle. Laminate floors are beautiful and should be taken care of on a regular basis.

Why vacuum your laminate floor

Dust, dirt and the accumulation of these two nail biters can cause great damage to your floor. The more dust and dirt, the more a floor will scratch and eventually dull its appearance. Regular vacuuming your floor with a soft brush or other soft attachment will help, keeping your floor in mint condition. Some misconceptions about treating laminate floors with wax, refinish or other aggressive cleaning solutions are taken for granted. The best and only option to keep your laminate floor in good shape is a qualitative vacuum cleaner.

The quality of laminate floors

Laminate floors last longer because of qualitative applications. They are becoming more beautiful and look just like a wooden floor. Stronger material and testing have made this possible. The number one priority to keep your laminate floor in mint condition is a good vacuum. Luckily you don’t have to go throw the process of picking the right vacuum cleaner yourself. Only the best vacuum cleaners for your laminate floor have been selected by a test pannel. This way you do not have go out and test vacuum cleaners yourself.




Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ (founded in 2005) is a Moab, Utah four-wheel-drive club that promotes fun and responsible 4WD recreation. We work closely with the Bureau of Land Management and other local agencies to maintain and restore our local 4WD trails. The club is also active in numerous community service projects.

parkerOf course, Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ also regularly hits the trails for some four-wheelin’ fun. For a listing of trail runs in the Moab area, please jump over to the Facebook page.

Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ is a supporting member of the Utah 4Wheel Drive Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition, and Tread Lightly!.

Mission Statement

Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ is a non-profit club that brings 4-wheel drive enthusiasts together for the purpose of fun and 4-wheel recreation. The major reason for the club is to provide common organization through which members can promote the pastime of 4-wheeling to the community and to other enthusiasts. Projects such as trail maintenance and restoration, community service, and effective communication with other 4-wheel drive organizations and government land-use agencies are additional objectives.


U.S. shark attack off Califoirnia Coast

We’re gonna need a bigger boat!
Saturday’s report of a Great White attack off the California Coast really come as no surprise although shark attacks, especially those of Great Whites, are rare.

Reports have stated Great White numbers are on the increase along the East Coast so, it should come as no surprise that one has turned up on the other size of the nation.

Why the rise in numbers? Conservation efforts, a better understanding of the animal, and the realization they are not the terrors portrayed in JAWS has done much to benefit their populations.

You can read more about the attack here.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!
Creatures Funny stories

Fish take over mall

No doubt you know someone who has a koi pond. And who among us has walked along the waterfront and spied a school of catfish so large the fish are practically rubbing fins? And who hasn’t been to the mall in the past few weeks? Now, imagine all three of those scenarios combined and you get an idea of what happened at an abandoned mall in Bangkok, Thailand.
In an apocalyptic scene, fish were found living in a deserted mall in Bangkok, Thailand after it caught fire in 1999. That’s right–1999. Evidently, the mall wasn’t in a prime real estate area!
Read all about it!
Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!
Creatures Sharks

39 years of JAWS

I though it would be more impressive to wait until next year and mention that the movie that scared us out of the water, no matter where you live, is 40 years old. But, the people over at Huffington Post must not have agreed because this link was on Facebook this morning.

Before the FCC created their exclusivity ruling, meaning a network has exclusive rights to a program or movie, I saw Jaws eight times in one year on TV. Before you shake your head, you have to realize I was trying to see how many times I could see it. I like to say it was my “Year of the Shark Watch.” When you add to the total a viewing at the theater plus three more times on TV you get an even dozen. The only other film to come close to that total is The Longest Day which I’ve only seen 6 or 7 times. (AND these movies were released over a decade apart so, you can draw your own conclusions.)

Since I’ve seen Jaws a dozen times, most people would think it only makes sense that I went five for five on the trivia. Actually, it’s because the behind the scenes story of Jaws is more interesting than the movie itself. (Are you listening Hollywood????) Budget problems, delays, and a mechanical shark that wouldn’t work were some of the hurdles faced by a young Steven Spielberg. I shudder to think how many hours I’ve wasted delving into the back story!

If you’ve read the book, I would say, “Definitely see the movie.” It’s nothing like the movie and I personally think the movie is much better. If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out. For some, it still scares the bejeebers out of them! All I can say is that there are still a couple scenes that will make you sit up in your seat.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!

Short vs. Long shank hooks

It used to be a hook is a hook and then someone got creative and the result was a bewildering mess when you go to the sporting goods store to buy some simple fishing hooks.

Aside from hook size, another part of the size maze you have to worry about is short or long shanks. Luckily, this is pretty much what it sounds like. To make things easy, consider the shank to be the area of the hook from the loop where you tie on to the curved part.

Often times, it’s a good idea to change the hooks on a lure to make make them sharper, more rugged, etc. Although I’m not crazy about changing hooks, I do it on cheap lures or lures that have seen a couple or more seasons and I have to spend a lot of time sharpening the hook points instead of fishing.

When changing hooks, I always advise to try and replace the old hook with something very similar from a good hook manufacturer such as Gamakatsu. (AND, for the record, I’m not getting a kickback from Gamakatsu! Like Rapala lures, Gamakatsu has proven worth over the years!) The reason for using a similar hook is that a radical change may affect the lure’s action.

The front treble I added matches up well with the other hook and it doesn’t foul but, that’s not very important since this is a wooden lure I retired a few years ago.
While we’re on this topic. I will admit there is one lure I change on purpose. That is the Arbogast Jitterbug.

Back in the day when the Jitterbug was developed, they must not have been too picky. How else can you explain the way the hooks intertwine and foul and, when the lure is a few yards out, you notice you might as well be reeling in a rock?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never used a musky Jitterbug but, hook tangling is a real problem on the smaller sizes. For this reason, I like to change just the front hook and use something shorter instead of the hook that is attached when the lure comes out of the package. The Jitterbug is a topwater lure anyway so, if the front rises because the hook is a bit lighter, so much the better. Along those lines, if the new hook affects the way the lure sits in the water, it will probably settle down when you begin reeling.

When it comes to long or short shank hooks, it makes a lot more sense than some of hook size mambo-jumbo!

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!

Round vs. Low Profile Baitcasters

If you’re a fan of baitcasting reels, there comes a time when you have to decide on round or low profile models. Some people are real stubborn and stick with only one style. I must be a fence-sitter because I have one of each.

I’ll be the first to admit a low profile reel looks pretty sleek. The looked even cooler when they first hit the market and the only people using them were touring pros on the B.A.S.S.circuit. A really decent low profile reel is still going to set you back at least a hundred bucks but, they’ve really dropped in price as their popularity had risen.

One of the raps again the low profile baitcasters is that the outside is entirely plastic. While this is usually the case, modern, super-strong plastics are used so you don’t have to worry if your reel bangs the bottom of your boat.

Another down side is that you’re paying for the look. I can’t figure out if that’s true or not. I will say there are decent round baitcasters on the market that are cheaper than low profile reels. Still, until I can match up two reels from the same manufacturer in both round and low profile styles, I’m going to bow out of this discussion.

I’m sort of old school on the whole topic. While having each style, I lean toward the round styles. I’m not sure why. I do know this, round styles usually hold more line and if I’m fishing a river with a decent current, I like to let the whole spool drift out before I start reeling the line in. That’s why you see saltwater reels in the round style.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!