Hot Trail Day in AREA BFE

A group from MFFW decided to run Britney Spears and perhaps some other trails in AREA BFE on Saturday, June 20th. We knew the weather forecast was calling for temperatures in the 100’s so decided to try and get out there early! Also, the gnats were intense so we were all liberally applying the bug spray so it was likely not the best combination of events to tackle Britney. Anyway, we don’t always make the best decisions so here we go…….

For those of you not familiar with this short trail, it is accessed from the wash, passing by Black Flag.

Also, Steve Nantz from Moab 4×4 Outpost has the world record finish on Britney and is calling all challengers. He was able to complete the entire trail in 1:37, that is 1 minute and 37 seconds.

Dave Adams was first in……

And……first over. This was unfortunate and happened while Dave was backing up. It was a very slow, very gentle lay over.

It took some creative winching to get Dave’s rig turned back over. The plugs had to be pulled and once it got started, Dave realized something was wrong with his brakes so he let Jim French have a go.

Here’s Jim, wisely wearing his rock crawling helmet, working his way through the rocks in his faithful buggy Molly. (I think that’s what he said her name is)

There are some extreme leans on this trail…..

I had a bird’s eye view of the rock stacking party and Dee capturing Jim’s facial expressions (or gum chewing frequency).

At this point, Jim is up but a bit afraid to come down. The line looked sketchy at best and Jim was prepared to come down fast and hard…..

Fortunately, it was a gentle descent with barely a wheel lift. After Jim finished, Ray tried for a few minutes and we decided to call it quits as it was just too hot and too buggy to spend hours if there was another flop or major trail repair.

Several of us decided that since we’d come all the way to AREA BFE, we should do at least one trail and headed up Drop Kick to Pucker Pass. I didn’t grab any good photos of this pass but imagine having just enough room to bring your truck up the trail without falling off the side and then making a sharp left hand turn up and over a rock ledge. Hence the name…..Pucker Pass……..

Larry got so twisted trying to get his truck up Pucker Pass that the driveline separated and we spent several minutes getting it put back together.

Larry, was that the hand you just crushed sticking out the window??????

After Larry was up, Ray started having fuel issues and couldn’t keep his rig running so Glen towed him off the trail. We decided that was enough for the day since the temperatures were soaring above 100 degrees. Interesting trail day.


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