Coyote Canyon

A small group of club members ran Coyote Canyon today: Jeff Stevens, Ray McDuff, Rick Wolcott, Glen Richardson, and Melissa Fischer. I and my friends and associate members Joe and Gay Taylor and their friends Ronnie and Carol Bledsoe walked the trail and checked out the action. We had one rig break, but we were able to get everyone off the trail and home with some good teamwork.

Jeff was first today on the Gatekeeper and it made him work for it.

Ronnie Bledsoe wore excellent anti-gnat clothing, brought plenty of water, and had the biggest hat I’ve seen this year. Thanks to Melissa carrying our water in her jeep, all us hiking spectators stayed hydrated during the run and had a great time. I don’t think Ronnie and his wife Carol had seen anything like Coyote before.

Ray came in a little straighter on the Coyote Gatekeeper than Jeff had and walked right up with his new stickies. And some rearranged rocks Jeff had made use of.

This twisty spot had some deep holes. Perhaps it had something to do with the heat, but this spot was named Glen’s Hole, at least for the day. You may not be able to get either Glen or Jeff to tell the whole story (snicker) without relaxing them with a couple of beers first.

A view of the typical trail surface in Coyote Canyon. There are many places where the boulders are MUCH bigger.

This pointy rock in Coyote Canyon put a dent in Jeff Stevens’ passenger side door.

Coyote is one of those trails that runs smoother with good communication and teamwork. Here, Jeff helps Rick line up for an obstacle while the peanut gallery spectates. Jeff was able to keep Rick from getting any damage on this rock. Later, however…

Members of Moab Friends for Wheelin’ Jeff, Rick, and Glen running Coyote Canyon today.

Rick got a little body damage here. No matter what he did, he got sucked down against that passenger side boulder and finally body metal made contact. Jeff was spotting for him and opted for a line I’d been thinking about, which unfortunately put him into the rock with his passenger side. I was glad I wasn’t the one to do it! Now it matches the driver’s side, but there were no tears. Coyote isn’t for those who can’t embrace rock rash, dents, or breakage. Today we had all three. Glen got a little scuffed up on his hood/fender near this spot.

I call this spot in Coyote Canton the chute and it’s great for twisting everyone up for excellent pictures. Here Jeff Stevens makes his way through.

Melissa Fischer finds her line in the chute in Coyote Canyon today.

The Taylors were impressed by Melissa chatting with Jeff as she drove this obstacle. She was telling him about how much she liked her L1 gear that her NV4500 offers.

Gay Taylor eagerly hopped into RedRoxx and rode with Melissa Fischer on Coyote Canyon today. Jeff Stevens chats with her here about 2/3 of the way thru the trail.

Melissa Fischer experienced a little body lean here on the way to the exit of Coyote Canyon and gave her passenger Gay Taylor a thrill.

Ray’s Samurai buggy broke the ears off the flange that mounted the rear driveshaft to the transfer case. Jeff didn’t have a spare, but while he was looking, Rick Wolcott and Glen Richardson helped Ray get turned around and started him back down the trail. When Jeff and I returned from a quick trip to his place to look for a replacement part, the guys had gotten back down to the gatekeeper and were almost out. Ray’s trailer was parked at BFE, so I followed him up to his trailer just in case he needed a hand and helped him get his rig loaded up. It didn’t take long to get him loaded and would’ve been faster except for a sudden onset of vapor lock or something like it. After a few minutes he was able to get the engine to stay lit long enough to finish loading the buggy and all was well. Another great, although hot, trail day!

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