Members Fix Pritchett Canyon

Several Moab Friends for Wheelin' members and friends volunteered for a work project to repair Pritchett Canyon trail just in time for Easter Jeep Safari. An area of trail near the new Down and Dirty obstacle just before Chewy had developed an illegal bypass that threatened to erode the trail and open a sensitive area to scrutiny. With John Picken organizing supplies from the BLM, the group made quick work of the area, placing fencing and signage as well as raking out the area to remove/minimize the tracks.   … [Read more...]

The Flooded Pickle

Today's guest blogger is Glen Richardson......good job Glen! Feel free to send trail reports anytime and I will work to get them into the website. -Melissa A group of eight rigs met at the Cinema Saturday morning for a run on the The Pickle and Mashed Potatoes. We were all surprised and pleased to have Joanne and Mike Kelsoe show up to visit with us before we headed for the trails. Less than a week after back surgery Mike was up and about with the use of a walker. Once we got to the trail, Rick took the lead and the rest of us followed along. John and Nancy were in their JK and elected to bypass the trail. They hiked in from the far end of trail and met up with us. Everyone made it up the first climb with a strap being used only once. Not knowing the condition of the trail after the … [Read more...]

Coyote Canyon

Moab Friends For Wheelin' applied for a permit to run Coyote Canyon on Saturday. This trail has limited use (Friday and Saturday only) and no winter runs. The permit is free but limited to one group per day with a maximum of 7 vehicles. We had some last minute cancellations so ended up with 4 vehicles, a perfect size for this short but difficult trail. As this short but difficult wash has some boulder movement, there are not really named obstacles that I am aware of but this first steep area is your typical gatekeeper. Glen and Jeff go on foot to scout out the first obstacle. And, let the bouldering begin! The sheer number and size of the rocks in this wash take careful tire placement to avoid being caught on the differentials. Jeff makes it through pretty easily. This … [Read more...]