Behind The Rocks Backwards

Glen led a group of several rigs last Saturday on Behind the Rocks backwards. So, Behind the Rocks backwards means that all the obstacles are done in the reverse order, up White Knuckle Hill, down Hummer Hill, etc. It was also decided to add Hunter Canyon to the fun so Glen led us on the county road (through the Sand Dunes) and all the way to the Hunter Canyon turn off (almost to Pritchett). There had been (and were continuing to be) heavy rain storms in the area so this trip was going to be wet and muddy, unusual for Moab standards. And, we weren't disappointed. Shortly into the trip down the county road, we encountered a small river. No, this is NOT Kane Creek! Storms were chasing us all the way in. I'm not used to seeing the county road headed in this direction. I am … [Read more...]

Coyote Canyon

A small group of club members ran Coyote Canyon today: Jeff Stevens, Ray McDuff, Rick Wolcott, Glen Richardson, and Melissa Fischer. I and my friends and associate members Joe and Gay Taylor and their friends Ronnie and Carol Bledsoe walked the trail and checked out the action. We had one rig break, but we were able to get everyone off the trail and home with some good teamwork. Jeff was first today on the Gatekeeper and it made him work for it. Ronnie Bledsoe wore excellent anti-gnat clothing, brought plenty of water, and had the biggest hat I've seen this year. Thanks to Melissa carrying our water in her jeep, all us hiking spectators stayed hydrated during the run and had a great time. I don't think Ronnie and his wife Carol had seen anything like Coyote before. Ray … [Read more...]

Hot Trail Day in AREA BFE

A group from MFFW decided to run Britney Spears and perhaps some other trails in AREA BFE on Saturday, June 20th. We knew the weather forecast was calling for temperatures in the 100's so decided to try and get out there early! Also, the gnats were intense so we were all liberally applying the bug spray so it was likely not the best combination of events to tackle Britney. Anyway, we don't always make the best decisions so here we go....... For those of you not familiar with this short trail, it is accessed from the wash, passing by Black Flag. Also, Steve Nantz from Moab 4x4 Outpost has the world record finish on Britney and is calling all challengers. He was able to complete the entire trail in 1:37, that is 1 minute and 37 seconds. Dave Adams was first … [Read more...]