Behind The Rocks Backwards

Glen led a group of several rigs last Saturday on Behind the Rocks backwards. So, Behind the Rocks backwards means that all the obstacles are done in the reverse order, up White Knuckle Hill, down Hummer Hill, etc. It was also decided to add Hunter Canyon to the fun so Glen led us on the county road (through the Sand Dunes) and all the way to the Hunter Canyon turn off (almost to Pritchett). There had been (and were continuing to be) heavy rain storms in the area so this trip was going to be wet and muddy, unusual for Moab standards. And, we weren’t disappointed. Shortly into the trip down the county road, we encountered a small river.

No, this is NOT Kane Creek! Storms were chasing us all the way in.

I’m not used to seeing the county road headed in this direction. I am always stunned at how beautiful this area is.

Hunter Canyon was a blast with all the rain. This little spot in the normally dry wash was deeper than I’d ever seen it. Good thing most of us knew the line. Plus Glen was there to spot!

You can see what I’m talking about with the deep water. Dirt Squirrel was almost swimming.

Maybe not quite as deep as this day! LOL!

This pretty orange JK was being driven by a gal from Grand Junction. She was the smallest in the group but kept right up. She needed a pull out of the mud but that was her only rescue of the day!

Here’s John making his way out of the wash just before the rains came. Not sure if it flash flooded but we were happy to be moving to higher ground!

These steps coming out of Hunter Canyon are tricky anytime. Kris made them look easy (with a little spotting).

And, here came the rain. I put my phone away after this shot because without a windshield, you are pretty much just out in the elements. Luckily it was warm and I had remembered a coat.

Luckily, as is common in desert rains, it was strong but short. There is a pretty wicked section of rock ledges that we all climbed with no trouble. I don’t think anyone wanted to get out of their vehicle so they just sucked it up and drove. By the time we arrived at White Knuckle Hill, the rain had stopped and the sun was coming out.

Glen was first to try White Knuckle. Going up it dry is quite an accomplishment. Today it was pretty ridiculous. After a couple of attempts, Glen called for a winch.

White Knuckle got its name for a reason. Yikes that’s vertical!

John got on the skinny pedal after lining up in just the right spot. He was the only one to make it up today unassisted. Nice Job!

Yes, even the JK got a chance to get vertical. It didn’t like it very well and smoked up a storm after winching up. I’m going to guess this is as steep as she’s been before.

After all the fun (NOT) on White Knuckle, we made our way through this little roller coaster spot. It has a couple of names I’ve heard. It’s makes for a pretty photo but its not difficult.

Next is down White Knuckle hill. Glen leads the way!

And, then it was over to High Dive. First, its down Up Chuck and up High Dive. There were a few sketchy moments but everyone made it up. The JK elected to take the bypass this time.

Of course, we had a great time mostly due to our wonderful spotter Glen. Here ‘s a nice shot of him (just before he tumbled down High Dive) spotting Rick. I think it was a one band-aid injury. He wouldn’t let me look at him so I’m guessing he felt a bit bruised but didn’t want to add any bruising to the ego. All is well.

Once we got to the top, the storms caught us again. This one was a brief and more gentle shower. We made it back to 191 without any further issues and all headed home. It was a great trail day!




  1. Elaine Freeman says

    WE are in Delores for the Summer and would like to see some off road jeep trails. the extreme ones in Moab , but cant find a calendar. Are the trails done every weekend by someone.. please let me know, my husband is dying to see… thank you Elaine Freeman 817-996-6828

  2. Melissa says

    Yes, our club regularly runs the trails in Moab, especially on the weekends. Sorry I was slow to respond to you as I am out of the country this week.
    I plan on updating the website soon but a more dynamic tool for you to see the scheduled trails are on our Facebook page, Moab Friends For Wheelin’.
    For this upcoming weekend, our trails are Mashed Potato on this Saturday, Poison Spider on Monday, July 4th.
    July 9th is a Hells Revenge work day
    July 16th is 7 mile rim night run.

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