After a few months of nursing your cannabis plants to progress, it is exceptionally disillusioning to leave with only two or three ounces of dried bud!

These tips are things you can utilize whether you are growing inside, outside or in a nursery, and they are simple to execute.

Topping Marijuana Plants

Topping is a strategy in which the planter cuts the highest point of the cannabis plant in a particular area, and subsequently, 2-4 new main branches grow up from that hub. Continuously utilize a clean pair of trimmers as you can taint your plant and kill it if the trimmers are infected.

When planters top their plants, they additionally stretch the vegetation time frame by two or three months or something like that, depending on how extensive they want their harvest to be. If you wish, you could keep your vegetation period going for a half year and this will help you gather a few pounds for each plant!

The purpose behind this is on the account that the plant grows into a considerably bigger size, and allows the planter to top it a few more occasions with the goal that the measure of main colas on the plant is a lot! The more Main Colas or tops on the Plant, the bigger the harvest will be because this is the primary territory of bud production.

Low Stress Training

3 Finger LST, which means Low Stress Training, is a different strategy that is almost the most vital. This is something you ought to do your plants daily amid the vegetation period so the yields can be maximized. The manner in which you do this procedure is you take your middle finger, pointed finger and thumb and grab one of the top branches with simply those three fingers. At that point, you delicately twist the branch down and out, away from the middle of the plant.

There are times you could go too far with the LST and a branch may really snap a little and tear. Don’t let this bother you because you can come back from this. You should simply wrap the branch with tape so it is held together flush, and inside seven days it will have melded itself totally back together!

When you feel it is completely healed, you can unwrap the tap and look at the new development. In most cases, you will see development which resembles a gigantic ball growing out of the joints of the harmed branches. This is a lovely sign and is really caused by an expanded stream of supplements and supplies to that territory of the plant so it can mend itself quicker! This additionally makes the branches become thicker and more grounded, enabling bigger buds to develop from it.


Lollipoping is the third and last method that will be discussed in this article and it is tied in with expanding the development of the main cola buds up top while wiping out the little, wispy buds at the base.

The manner in which this is done is by totally trimming off all foliage that is developing on the base third of the plant. Any small branches, leaves, and so forth that is forming underneath that point, you hack it off so all that is left are the uncovered primary branches paving the way to your main colas.

What this does is consider the plant to concentrate the greater part of its nutrition and energy to those top main colas so they can become bigger than they used to be. It is likewise pleasant on the grounds that it takes out those little, wispy buds from beneath that aren’t as powerful and scrumptious and amplifies the main colas, which are the where the best buds are!

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