Aurora Indica Strain Review – Powerful Indica Marijuana Effect with Great Value

Aurora Indica is a fairly well known F1 hybrid cannabis strain that is extremely profitable for growers. Like its beautiful name, Aurora Indica offers great effects and high value. This cannabis strain will certainly not disappoint smokers with its Indica effects and unique taste.

This is also a cannabis strain worth trying for beginner growers. Don’t worry because we will provide you with all the information you need to know about this cannabis strain in the Aurora Indica strain review article below. Hope it helps your crop.

Aurora Indica Origins

The origins of Aurora Indica have been published in detail, and nothing more needs to be studied about its parent cannabis strain. Aurora Indica is a cross between two popular cannabis strains, Northern Lights and Afghani. These two parent strains are both used to produce the most F1 hybrids and they are both renowned for their quality genetics.

Aurora Indica is one of the special hybrid cannabis strains when its genetics are 90% Indica, the remaining 10% are Sativa genetics. That’s why so many seasoned smokers love its powerful effects on the body.

It was the Nirvana Seeds breeder who combined the best genetics of the two parent cannabis strains, but made the effects of Aurora Indica the most special. While keeping the good qualities related to vitality as well as delicious taste.

Aurora Indica Effects

As we mentioned, the effects of Aurora Indica are quite different from its parent strain. Instead of focusing on mental effects like Northern Lights and Afghani, Aurora Indica will bring a strong physical effect to the smoker.

Initially, the effect of Aurora Indica is quite gentle and calming. The feeling of lightheadedness and calm will slowly deepen and make you forget all your troubles. In this moment, you will feel your mind being filled with unique thoughts, effects, like the aurora circling in your mind.

Your body will be completely relaxed, muscle spasms will gradually be eliminated. You will remain in this state of deep relaxation, calm, and may gradually fall into a sound sleep. This state is quite dreamy and maybe when you wake up, you won’t remember anything.

Aurora Indica Fragrance & Flavors

Aurora Indica’s name suggests not only great effects, beautiful appearance but also delicious taste. The scent of this cannabis strain is a combination of the sweetness of fruit (mango to be exact), the aroma of lavender and the relaxing smell of the earth. These ingredients create a very personal, very unique fragrance that you can only find in Aurora Indica.

With the initial puffs of fine smoke, the smokers will recognize the slightly spicy and pungent taste. However, hidden deep in it is a very delicious, and seductive sweetness. The more you smoke, the stronger the sweetness and pungent will be and this change is never boring.

Aurora Indica Medical

Aurora Indica not only has recreational value, but this cannabis strain also possesses high medical value. This cannabis strain is more about effects for the body than for the mind, which is an effect typical of Indica genetics. This cannabis strain works great for patients with muscle spasms, and some other chronic pain.

After a tiring day of work, your body has become exhausted, then Aurora Indica will be a good treatment for you to rest with a relaxed body and mind. In addition, Aurora Indica has a sedative effect, so you may fall asleep while relaxing. Patients suffering from insomnia will get a lot of help from this cannabis strain.

In addition, patients with depression and other anxiety disorders will also find Aurora Indica helpful. It will help eliminate anxiety, stress and replace it with happiness and excitement. This cannabis strain doesn’t lock you to the couch, but we still recommend it in the evening.

Aurora Indica Growing & Yield

Aurora Indica has the appearance of a typical Indica tree. Aurora Indica seeds will grow into plants that are not very tall, but have many branches, tend to grow bushy. That is why this cannabis strain is also suitable for beginner growers. This size is easy to control and take care of.

Aurora Indica seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Growing indoors is easier to control, so inexperienced growers can grow Aurora Indica seeds indoors. This cannabis strain inherits the strong vitality of its parent strain, so it does not need growers to take too special care. As long as provide enough light, proper nutrition and moisture.

The advantage of growing Aurora Indica seeds outdoors is its size and “invisible properties”. The plant is neither tall nor large, so growers can easily hide it from prying eyes from neighbors. Besides, it also does not emit any strong scent so that passersby cannot detect the existence of a cannabis plant.

The best climate for growing Aurora Indica seeds outdoors is the Mediterranean climate. This plant loves sunshine and warm temperatures, it will grow best under these climates.

Because plants tend to be dense, growers need to pay attention to pruning to avoid plants being attacked by mold and pests. And also, early SOG method will be very helpful for your crop.

With good care, growers can harvest high yields with very thick and quality buds. Indoor yield will be around 14 ounces of buds, while outdoor yield will be at 14 ounces/plant.

Where to Buy Aurora Indica Cannabis Seeds?

Aurora Indica seed is not difficult to buy as it is available at most online seed banks. However a lot of growers make the mistake of ordering Aurora Indica cannabis seeds at some scam seed banks.

With that in mind, we will recommend to beginner growers some reputable online seed banks that provide the best quality Aurora Indica varieties.



Hydroponic Grow Chamber: What is the best hydroponic growth chamber?

Do you want to start grow your plant indoor with less effort and don’t need to concern about bug or weather outside? You should certainly look into hydroponic grow chamber. Hydroponic grow chamber is an enclosure room that help to create a safe, secure and perfect growth environment for your hydroponic plants.

It will much easier to control, adjust and check the condition inside the box or chamber. From completely automated grow chamber to affordable, simple unit; this article will show you some of the best hydroponic grow chamber on the market that are suited for both newcomers to hydroponics and seasoned growers.

Top 10 Hydroponic Grow Chamber 2021

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#1 Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer’s Cash Crop 5.0 is one of the most popular, best seller grow boxes on the market. The box measures 36″ T x 24″ W x 16.5″ D and its capacity can hold up to 6 plants. Its size is perfect if you want to grow taller strains of cannabis. This grow box offers all the things gardeners need to get started except the seeds.

LED grow light, ventilation system, a reservoir, complete pack of hydroponic nutrients, a submersible water pump, a timer, and net pots are all included in this package. Reflective Mylar linings are used on the inside of the box to increases the lighting effects within the box while lowering the risk of leaking. Overall, this is a simple, low-cost grow box but comes with a lot of features and good quality construction.

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#2 Supercloset SuperBox LED Hydroponic Grow Box

Many growers perfect to find a small grow chamber that can fit nicely in their tight space, Super Box grow box is perfect option to go for if you think about the size. It is look like a small refrigerator. Although it’s relatively small, the box can accommodate for up to 8 hydroponic plants. It features a dual X40 Flower LED Grow Lights, which support your plants throughout their growth cycle, emit less heat and improve yields quantity.

What I love the most is that this box comes with Smart Technology design, that means are able to set the box for automatic operation. By smartphone app, you can monitor the box or feed your plants with WIFI grow cam and app-controlled smart timers. This product also comes with carbon Filter, digital thermometer & hygrometer, adjustable inline fan, etc.

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#3 ANDRAM Grow Tent for Hydroponics Indoor Growing

This is the simple, standard grow chamber for hydroponic plants if you are looking for an affordable option. ANDRAM grow tent is lined with reflective polyester film on the inside, which not only prevent light leaking but also increase the light efficiency and power. The outer layer of the tent is made from water-proof, tear-resistant, durable high-quality canvas fabric. Aside from the material, the tent is supported by the sturdy metal corner adapters and telegraph poles. They’re strong and long-lasting, simple to install and don’t require any tools. The tent also ensure well ventilation thanks to dual cinching duct holes and rectangle vents with mesh. Generally, there is nothing outstand or special features from this tent, but it is one of the best solution, low-cost grow chamber that are perfect for indoor gardening.

#4 VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

The reason why this grow tent called 2-in-1 tent is that it has 2 small chambers and 1 large tent room, which make the independents room for different grow stages. That means, you do not need to wait your plants finish their grow cycle to start the new season, 3 separate room for propagation, growth, and blooming stage at the same time. You can maximum your yield with this tent.

The tent frame is made of sturdy metal poles and the tent material is water-proof, double-stich 600D canvas. The inner layer of VIVOSUN 2-in-1 grow tent is 98%-reflective mylar, which blocking all the light and boosting the light intense inside the tent.

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#5 VIVOSUN Grow Tent Complete System

Another product from VIVOSUN but it is not simple a tent but also a complete kit that comes with everything you will need to grow plants indoor right away. This tent is quite large with the dimensions are 3×3 ft. The kit provides a lot of functions such as Complete System: floor tray, 4-inch inline fan, VS2000 LED grow light, temperature humidity meter, trellis netting, 5-Pack of 5-gallon grow bags, shears, a timer.

VS2000 full-spectrum LED grow lights is power enough to mimic the natural sunlight throughout your plant growth life. Multiple vent holes, adjustable fan, and carbon filter are work together to reduce any odor and provide fresh air inside the tent.

#6 Quictent Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

One of the most affordable grow tent available making it the ideal grow chamber for growers who have limited budget. This simple tent available in 7 different sizes for you to choose the perfect one that fit your space. The most outstanding features is that this tent comes with 2 years guarantee, which implies that this tent is affordable but still reliable. It is made of Extra-thick 600D Oxford Cloth for the outside cover and 98% reflective PET Silver Mylar for the inside layer. Additionally, it is designed with a heavy-duty zipper, which strengthen the grow tent, keep it secure and also blocking the light. The tent comes with observation window and removable floor tray, to complete your hydroponic system, you will have to buy other equipment separately


[UK Seedbank] Sensible Seeds Review (

The first thing I like about this page is they send out a notice about safe delivery(especially during this pandemic right now). Eveyone is being affected by COVID and it is great to see the company taking the right steps for their customers safety. I already like this company.

The second thing I noticed is the site carries everything from feminized seeds to medicinal seeds.

The site is very interactive. The price range is also more reasonable too. Say, for example, you want to get some The Barney’s Farm Seeds Purple Punch Feminized Seeds. You will pay about $41 for your order. I can understand why this site makes it into the top 10 for seed bank reviews. Just going on what I have mentioned thus far, I can see why it is one of the top 10 best seed banks.

One of the running promos includes paying with bitcoin. If you pay 50 pounds using bitcoin, you will get 5 seeds of premium OG Kosh Fem. This company does take care if its customers.

The company is located in the UK(Great Britain), making it one of the best European seed banks. They also have other promos too, including high CBD cannabis strains and high THC cannabis strains.

Under the bitcoin freebies, 100 pounds equals 10 free seeds. 200 pounds equals 20 free seeds. You can pretty much tell where the rest is heading.

The company site also answers some FAQs including what happens when an item is out of stock. What the company does is contact you right away to ask whether or not you want a replacement. They may also offer you a refund.

What happens if your seeds are damaged?

This is a highly unlikely thing, but it does happen. Most of the time, you submit the request to the company with an explanation. They will offer a replacement and send it right to you.

No shipping is not included in the price. The shipping will be calculated based on how much you buy.

THe one negative I find with the company are the payment options. The company only offers cash, bitcoin, credit/debit card, or an Amazon gift card. That is it. As I said, that is the only bad thing about the company I see(so far).

I would most certainly choose this company over the first one any day. They put more effort and product into their overall company plan.


Types of Hydroponic Usually Systems Found in Modern Grow Rooms

Deep Water Culture

Deep water culture (DWC) includes the suspension of the plant over a nutrient solution in which the root system is totally submerged. We as a whole know the dangers of overwatering, so how do plants in this set up not die? Since overwatering denies the root arrangement of oxygen, the nutrient solution in a Deep Water Culture framework is circulated through with oxygen bubbles that stream upward from the base of the reservoir. This gives all the oxygen the root system requires.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and flow hydroponic frameworks include the utilization of a reservoir system and a tray. The reservoir system holds water and your nutrient solution. Above it rests what is known as a “flow table.” Connecting the reservoir and the flood table are two tubes. One tube is connected to a pump in the reservoir that keeps a relentless stream of water pushing through the tray while the other tube is connected to an overflow, which conveys the nutrient solution once more into the reservoir.

Nutrient Film Technique

One of the more perplexing hydroponic plans is known as nutrient film technique (NFT). This additionally includes the utilization of a pump framework and a reservoir. The plants are arranged in net pots that enable the root system to drop down, and these pots are adjusted consecutively down the center of a channel. The channel looks like an empty tube with a level base and openings in the top for the plants. The nutrient solution is pumped up from the reservoir to the highest point of the channel. The channel must be situated at an edge to enable the water flows over the lower tips of the roots and once more into the reservoir.

Wick System

Wick systems work in precisely the manner in which you think they do. A pot is connected to a reservoir by an expansive wick that douses up the nutrient solution and conveys it to the root framework. As the root framework retains the nutrients, more is pulled up from the reservoir below. The best media to use in a wick framework are perlite or cocoa coir, as they have an impressive level of water retention and absorption. In any case, wick systems are more essential than other kinds of hydroponic systems and they have their disadvantages.


One of the advanced developed systems of hydroponics is called aeroponics. Much as NFT, the aeroponics uses a net pot and hanging root system. The roots hang over the nutrient solution reservoir, yet the roots tips and root are not submerged. Rather, the nutrient solution is conveyed by the method of a misting system and pump. These convey exact measures of nutrients and water at preset times to guarantee maximum absorption.

Drip System

A drip system is another further developed hydroponic framework. It has a reservoir system that uses an air pump to keep the reservoir solution moving and a supplement pump that sends the solution straight to the plants. For this situation, the root system isn’t uncovered. The plants are situated in your standard hydroponic medium such as vermiculite or coco coir.

When the water leaves the reservoir as a result of the pump, it is passed on to the plants through hoses over the top layer of medium. The water actually drips from the hoses onto the medium and is controlled by a timer to go off and turn on at the preset times. Set up is actually a big deal, so they ought to presumably be saved for further developed hydroponic plant specialists.


How to Harvest Weed Step by Step: A Guide for Guaranteed Success

If you are growing marijuana at home, or if you have plans to do so, it is crucial to learn how to harvest weed step by step, which is exactly what you will learn in the rest of this post.

All your hard work will finally pay off when it is already harvesting time. Finally, you will be able to reap the fruits of your labor!

Harvesting weed, however, is not as easy as picking it and using as desired. It requires a meticulous process to ensure the best in terms of its quality.

Know the Right Time

Is it already time to harvest? This is perhaps the most important question that you should ask yourself.

If you harvest too early or too late, the quality will be affected. The flavor can be too strong or unpleasant if you harvest too late. Meanwhile, if you harvest too early, it might not be potent at all.

There is no exact science that tells you about the right time.

Basically, you will need a magnifying tool to examine the health of the plant and to know if it is ready. You need to look for trichomes that are present in the buds. They are the tiny hairs that are glittery. They are filled with resins, which are responsible for its potency.

Some of the best 420 microscope you can use include a handheld magnifier, jeweler’s loupe, or a digital microscope.

Determining the right time of harvest will also depend on the flowering stage. The latter, however, will be dependent on the strain of the plant.

Often, in the case of indica strains, the flowering stage will take approximately eight weeks. If it is a sativa strain, on the other hand, it might take about twelve weeks before it reaches the flowering phase.

Flush your Marijuana

This is a pre-harvest procedure. This is done because marijuana can be prone to the build-up of nutrient residues or salt. Flushing is a process that gets rid of the latter.

The method of flushing will depend on the growing medium that has been used. If it is grown in soil, you simply need to run lots of water. You can use rainwater and your choice of a flushing agent.

Remove the Fan Leaves

After flushing, the next thing that you need is the fan leaf removal.

You simply have to pluck the fan leaves from the stem, which will make the next steps a lot easier to accomplish.

Fan leaves do not contain any potent compound with medicinal or psychoactive value, so there is no need to worry if you need to have it removed.

To pluck these leaves, all that you need to do is to pull it downwards. Be careful to avoid damaging the other parts of the plant. Do not forget to wear gloves. Also, at this point, you can do it simply using your hand.

Remove the Branches with Buds

Now that you have removed the leaves, the next thing to take out is the branch with buds or colas.

You will need clean scissors to do this. Start from the larger branches and work your way to the smaller ones.

Choose from Wet or Dry Trimming

At this point, you can trim the plant using best bud trimming scissors. Basically, wet trimming refers to the process of removing the remaining material on the plant when it is wet.

Otherwise, if you have the time to spare, wait until the plant is dry.

Dry the Buds

The harvest does not end after the trimming. You also need to dry the buds before they are used as desired.

When it comes to drying, you have to go slow. This will help in preserving the most important qualities of marijuana, which include the smell, flavor, and weight.

To dry the marijuana, all that you have to do is to hang it upside down in a place that is well-ventilated.

Ideally, the drying environment should have a temperature of 67 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the humidity should be anywhere from 45 to 55%.

It is also good to stay away from UV light when drying the marijuana.

On average, the drying process will take seven to ten days.

Use the Marijuana

After following the steps that have been described above, now is the time to use the marijuana depending on the way you like it.

As an added step, as shown in the photo above, you might want to weigh your buds before consumption. This will let you know the average yield and will allow you to use only the exact weight that will be needed.

  • Best Autoflower Strains
  • Best Purple Strains
  • Best Haze strain
  • Best Kush strains

3 easy tips for planting cannabis at home

After a few months of nursing your cannabis plants to progress, it is exceptionally disillusioning to leave with only two or three ounces of dried bud!

These tips are things you can utilize whether you are growing inside, outside or in a nursery, and they are simple to execute.

Topping Marijuana Plants

Topping is a strategy in which the planter cuts the highest point of the cannabis plant in a particular area, and subsequently, 2-4 new main branches grow up from that hub. Continuously utilize a clean pair of trimmers as you can taint your plant and kill it if the trimmers are infected.

When planters top their plants, they additionally stretch the vegetation time frame by two or three months or something like that, depending on how extensive they want their harvest to be. If you wish, you could keep your vegetation period going for a half year and this will help you gather a few pounds for each plant!

The purpose behind this is on the account that the plant grows into a considerably bigger size, and allows the planter to top it a few more occasions with the goal that the measure of main colas on the plant is a lot! The more Main Colas or tops on the Plant, the bigger the harvest will be because this is the primary territory of bud production.

Low Stress Training

3 Finger LST, which means Low Stress Training, is a different strategy that is almost the most vital. This is something you ought to do your plants daily amid the vegetation period so the yields can be maximized. The manner in which you do this procedure is you take your middle finger, pointed finger and thumb and grab one of the top branches with simply those three fingers. At that point, you delicately twist the branch down and out, away from the middle of the plant.

There are times you could go too far with the LST and a branch may really snap a little and tear. Don’t let this bother you because you can come back from this. You should simply wrap the branch with tape so it is held together flush, and inside seven days it will have melded itself totally back together!

When you feel it is completely healed, you can unwrap the tap and look at the new development. In most cases, you will see development which resembles a gigantic ball growing out of the joints of the harmed branches. This is a lovely sign and is really caused by an expanded stream of supplements and supplies to that territory of the plant so it can mend itself quicker! This additionally makes the branches become thicker and more grounded, enabling bigger buds to develop from it.


Lollipoping is the third and last method that will be discussed in this article and it is tied in with expanding the development of the main cola buds up top while wiping out the little, wispy buds at the base.

The manner in which this is done is by totally trimming off all foliage that is developing on the base third of the plant. Any small branches, leaves, and so forth that is forming underneath that point, you hack it off so all that is left are the uncovered primary branches paving the way to your main colas.

What this does is consider the plant to concentrate the greater part of its nutrition and energy to those top main colas so they can become bigger than they used to be. It is likewise pleasant on the grounds that it takes out those little, wispy buds from beneath that aren’t as powerful and scrumptious and amplifies the main colas, which are the where the best buds are!

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Bud Trimming Machine Reviews: Top 10 Bud Trimming Machine 2021

The best bud trimming machine is an essential, useful tool that allows marijuana producers do their task of trimming bud without having to worry about making a mess or get trouble with sticky resin; reduce a lot of effort and the timer it takes to gather trimmed pieces; and swiftly and easily eliminates primary fan unsightly leaves from your buds. All of these benefits are contained in just a trimming machine.

Are you fed up with a tedious task of manual bud trimming? We’ve compiled a list of the best bud trimming machine that ranging from personal use to larger scale commercial producztion.

10 Bud Trimming Machine Reviews

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#1 Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 19 Inch Cutting Hydroponic Bud Leaf and Flower

Gowtent hydroponic garden trimmer is 19′′ diameter trimmer bowl, this size is enough for personal use. As many trimmer bowls, it has a transparent top that allows you to see how much of the leaves you want to cut off. This bowl trimmer features a long-lasting steel bowl and a metal gear that is very durable and remove the trimming speed problem. The benefit of silicon fingers is that it allows cutting the leaves without leaving a nasty plastic odor. The trimmer has the power equal to 30 scissors, which ensure the effective and speed of the unit. It also allows you to cut both wet and dry cannabis thanks to the replaceable blades.

Amazon best-selling product B06Y3JB9SB CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#2 iPower GLTRIMBOWL19L 19-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

This bowl trimmer can be used for both wet and dry trimming. It features 2 adjustable blades, one for wet and the other for dry trimming. It’s incredibly simple to disassemble the device, so it is also easy to storage and clean. Brushes force bud and leaves through the grate, where a revolving blade cuts the leaf off, perhaps cutting out loose nugs as well. Just like any other hand-powered instrument, this one also needs a little expertise. However, just with a few times use, you’ll quickly figure out how fast to crank the handle and how many revolutions the buds require. The transparent lid cover allows you to see visual signs that indicate when the buds have been entirely trimmed. The unit comes with a reasonably price and it reduce a lot of the effort.

Amazon best-selling product B08Z3691LJ CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#3 SEMOTH 16in Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

This 16-inch bowl trimmer is suitable for small-scale, personal cannabis growers. It features durable and replaceable blades that offers great performance, fast cutting, with less damage to your cannabis. Rubber strips can effectively and delicately touch your cannabis, reduce leftover stickiness during usage, while being safe and causing no harm to plants. It comes with a transparent plastic cover, which improved visibility and allows you to see the inside when trimming buds.

Amazon best-selling product B01MT05UOY CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#4 Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer

If you are owning a larger-scale business, you will want to purchase on an automatic trimming machine like Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer. This effective trimmer become popular due to its quite motor and stainless steel durable blades. It also includes a safety function that can shut down automatically. This will ensure that your fingers aren’t cut by the rotating blades. Unlike other electric trimmers, this one features a speed control. This machine also con do both wet and dry trimming.

Amazon best-selling product B074WXXKYM CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#5 YOLO Stores Hydroponics Leaf Trimmer

Are you looking for an electric trimming machine with affordable price? This YOLO Stores Hydroponics Leaf Trimmer is low-cost trimmer that offer many same functions as more costly options. It’s also simple to operate. You just need to push the buds in the grate, close the cover at the top, and wait. After that you can collect you bud in the mesh bag below. It features sharp blades and speed control function with 3 speed level. This is the ideal wet bud trimmer but not really great for dry trimming.

Amazon best-selling product B00AZR6MKA CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#6 XtremepowerUS 83082 2-in-1 Leaf Bud Trim Reaper

This effective trimmer is another affordable electric trimmer that not only cheap but also offers excellent performance with sharp stainless steel blades and low-maintenance motor, The machine will do all the job, it takes you almost no effort to trim the buds, and when It get the job done, it automatically outputs. The machine comes with a handling bags, so there’s no waste about. It trims superfluous leaves and stems quickly, effectively, and delicately.

Amazon best-selling product B074L1S7BP CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#7 MELONFARM 16-Inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

Melonfarm’s 16-inch bowl trimmer is one of the most affordable options in the market. However, it delivers pretty good trimming results. It can handle up to 24 medium-sized buds and trim all of the leaves cleanly in under 30 rotations. The buds are rotated independently by thin silicone fingers. All of the cutting pieces are collected in the basin, allowing you to swiftly dispose of the garbage after cutting.

Amazon best-selling product B07DLTKGKN CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#8 Risentek MODELX1 Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine 16-inch Hydroponic Bowl Trim

The Risentek Trim Machine can be used for both dry and wet trimming, and it is also quite inexpensive. Although it is not expensive, this trimmer is commercial-grade. This is the extremely durable unit as it contains solid metal gearbox and taintless steel body and blade. It offers two metal grates for both wet and dry plants. What I likes the most is its adjustable blades, which can be moved closer or further away from the grate for more accurate cuts.


Short vs. Long shank hooks

It used to be a hook is a hook and then someone got creative and the result was a bewildering mess when you go to the sporting goods store to buy some simple fishing hooks.

Aside from hook size, another part of the size maze you have to worry about is short or long shanks. Luckily, this is pretty much what it sounds like. To make things easy, consider the shank to be the area of the hook from the loop where you tie on to the curved part.

Often times, it’s a good idea to change the hooks on a lure to make make them sharper, more rugged, etc. Although I’m not crazy about changing hooks, I do it on cheap lures or lures that have seen a couple or more seasons and I have to spend a lot of time sharpening the hook points instead of fishing.

When changing hooks, I always advise to try and replace the old hook with something very similar from a good hook manufacturer such as Gamakatsu. (AND, for the record, I’m not getting a kickback from Gamakatsu! Like Rapala lures, Gamakatsu has proven worth over the years!) The reason for using a similar hook is that a radical change may affect the lure’s action.

The front treble I added matches up well with the other hook and it doesn’t foul but, that’s not very important since this is a wooden lure I retired a few years ago.
While we’re on this topic. I will admit there is one lure I change on purpose. That is the Arbogast Jitterbug.

Back in the day when the Jitterbug was developed, they must not have been too picky. How else can you explain the way the hooks intertwine and foul and, when the lure is a few yards out, you notice you might as well be reeling in a rock?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never used a musky Jitterbug but, hook tangling is a real problem on the smaller sizes. For this reason, I like to change just the front hook and use something shorter instead of the hook that is attached when the lure comes out of the package. The Jitterbug is a topwater lure anyway so, if the front rises because the hook is a bit lighter, so much the better. Along those lines, if the new hook affects the way the lure sits in the water, it will probably settle down when you begin reeling.

When it comes to long or short shank hooks, it makes a lot more sense than some of hook size mambo-jumbo!

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!
Creatures Sharks

39 years of JAWS

I though it would be more impressive to wait until next year and mention that the movie that scared us out of the water, no matter where you live, is 40 years old. But, the people over at Huffington Post must not have agreed because this link was on Facebook this morning.

Before the FCC created their exclusivity ruling, meaning a network has exclusive rights to a program or movie, I saw Jaws eight times in one year on TV. Before you shake your head, you have to realize I was trying to see how many times I could see it. I like to say it was my “Year of the Shark Watch.” When you add to the total a viewing at the theater plus three more times on TV you get an even dozen. The only other film to come close to that total is The Longest Day which I’ve only seen 6 or 7 times. (AND these movies were released over a decade apart so, you can draw your own conclusions.)

Since I’ve seen Jaws a dozen times, most people would think it only makes sense that I went five for five on the trivia. Actually, it’s because the behind the scenes story of Jaws is more interesting than the movie itself. (Are you listening Hollywood????) Budget problems, delays, and a mechanical shark that wouldn’t work were some of the hurdles faced by a young Steven Spielberg. I shudder to think how many hours I’ve wasted delving into the back story!

If you’ve read the book, I would say, “Definitely see the movie.” It’s nothing like the movie and I personally think the movie is much better. If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out. For some, it still scares the bejeebers out of them! All I can say is that there are still a couple scenes that will make you sit up in your seat.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!

Seed hub Canada Review ( BUYERS BEWARE

Are you looking for reliable Canadian seed banks that accept online ordering and deliver your required strains directly at your home? If yes, then please look no further as you have landed on the right page. Please keep reading and you will reveal a detailed and unbiased review of seed hub Canada. Beware Scam Beware Scam


As the name implies, this is one of the well-known Canada-based seed banks that deal with different types of strains. So, if you are currently located in Canada and you are looking for a reliable online marketplace to place an order for your favorite strains, then you can definitely refer to Seed hub Canada. The platform has two good things to mention. First of all, they deal with a diverse range of strains and hence there are close possibilities of finding some rare strains to be ordered through this site. And secondly, the pricing of these strains are reasonable and kept at par with the average industry pricing.


Seed hub Canada is indeed a good site where you will find a huge stock of different types of strains in various categories. Once you visit their website, you will find the available list of strains. Among this list, there are few top-selling ones that you must note, such as Durban poison, strawberry cough, and ripper seeds, etc.

So, if the above ones are your favorite strains, then you can place an order with this site so easily and hassle-freely. If this is the first-time order experience for you, then also please do not worry. The detailed process on how to place an online order with Seed hub Canada is mentioned below.


Well, this is an online website (based out of Canada) that sells various types of strains at a reasonable price. The site only allows for online ordering. There is no offline order placement facility at the moment.


To start with, you will need to visit the official website of Seed hub Canada.


Once you have visited the website, you will now see the available stocks of strains. Please search for the required ones for which you wish to place an order. Hence, once you have found your favorite strains, go ahead and add them to your cart. You can also mention the quantity as well. For example, if you need more quantities of a particular strain, please mention it while placing the order.


You should now provide your address where the order should be delivered. Please make sure to provide a complete address with an accurate landmark for seamless delivery.


As per the step#2 and 3, you have already selected the strains to be ordered from this site and you have also provided the address, you should now opt for the online payment option. Well, Seed hub Canada currently has only one type of online payment mode which is e-transfers.


Once your online payment is successful, the order will be placed and you can expect the order to be delivered within 2-3 weeks.