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Bud Trimming Machine Reviews: Top 10 Bud Trimming Machine 2021

The best bud trimming machine is an essential, useful tool that allows marijuana producers do their task of trimming bud without having to worry about making a mess or get trouble with sticky resin; reduce a lot of effort and the timer it takes to gather trimmed pieces; and swiftly and easily eliminates primary fan unsightly leaves from your buds. All of these benefits are contained in just a trimming machine.

Are you fed up with a tedious task of manual bud trimming? We’ve compiled a list of the best bud trimming machine that ranging from personal use to larger scale commercial producztion.

10 Bud Trimming Machine Reviews

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#1 Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 19 Inch Cutting Hydroponic Bud Leaf and Flower

Gowtent hydroponic garden trimmer is 19′′ diameter trimmer bowl, this size is enough for personal use. As many trimmer bowls, it has a transparent top that allows you to see how much of the leaves you want to cut off. This bowl trimmer features a long-lasting steel bowl and a metal gear that is very durable and remove the trimming speed problem. The benefit of silicon fingers is that it allows cutting the leaves without leaving a nasty plastic odor. The trimmer has the power equal to 30 scissors, which ensure the effective and speed of the unit. It also allows you to cut both wet and dry cannabis thanks to the replaceable blades.

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#2 iPower GLTRIMBOWL19L 19-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

This bowl trimmer can be used for both wet and dry trimming. It features 2 adjustable blades, one for wet and the other for dry trimming. It’s incredibly simple to disassemble the device, so it is also easy to storage and clean. Brushes force bud and leaves through the grate, where a revolving blade cuts the leaf off, perhaps cutting out loose nugs as well. Just like any other hand-powered instrument, this one also needs a little expertise. However, just with a few times use, you’ll quickly figure out how fast to crank the handle and how many revolutions the buds require. The transparent lid cover allows you to see visual signs that indicate when the buds have been entirely trimmed. The unit comes with a reasonably price and it reduce a lot of the effort.

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#3 SEMOTH 16in Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

This 16-inch bowl trimmer is suitable for small-scale, personal cannabis growers. It features durable and replaceable blades that offers great performance, fast cutting, with less damage to your cannabis. Rubber strips can effectively and delicately touch your cannabis, reduce leftover stickiness during usage, while being safe and causing no harm to plants. It comes with a transparent plastic cover, which improved visibility and allows you to see the inside when trimming buds.

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#4 Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer

If you are owning a larger-scale business, you will want to purchase on an automatic trimming machine like Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer. This effective trimmer become popular due to its quite motor and stainless steel durable blades. It also includes a safety function that can shut down automatically. This will ensure that your fingers aren’t cut by the rotating blades. Unlike other electric trimmers, this one features a speed control. This machine also con do both wet and dry trimming.

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#5 YOLO Stores Hydroponics Leaf Trimmer

Are you looking for an electric trimming machine with affordable price? This YOLO Stores Hydroponics Leaf Trimmer is low-cost trimmer that offer many same functions as more costly options. It’s also simple to operate. You just need to push the buds in the grate, close the cover at the top, and wait. After that you can collect you bud in the mesh bag below. It features sharp blades and speed control function with 3 speed level. This is the ideal wet bud trimmer but not really great for dry trimming.

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#6 XtremepowerUS 83082 2-in-1 Leaf Bud Trim Reaper

This effective trimmer is another affordable electric trimmer that not only cheap but also offers excellent performance with sharp stainless steel blades and low-maintenance motor, The machine will do all the job, it takes you almost no effort to trim the buds, and when It get the job done, it automatically outputs. The machine comes with a handling bags, so there’s no waste about. It trims superfluous leaves and stems quickly, effectively, and delicately.

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#7 MELONFARM 16-Inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

Melonfarm’s 16-inch bowl trimmer is one of the most affordable options in the market. However, it delivers pretty good trimming results. It can handle up to 24 medium-sized buds and trim all of the leaves cleanly in under 30 rotations. The buds are rotated independently by thin silicone fingers. All of the cutting pieces are collected in the basin, allowing you to swiftly dispose of the garbage after cutting.

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#8 Risentek MODELX1 Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine 16-inch Hydroponic Bowl Trim

The Risentek Trim Machine can be used for both dry and wet trimming, and it is also quite inexpensive. Although it is not expensive, this trimmer is commercial-grade. This is the extremely durable unit as it contains solid metal gearbox and taintless steel body and blade. It offers two metal grates for both wet and dry plants. What I likes the most is its adjustable blades, which can be moved closer or further away from the grate for more accurate cuts.


Why is it important to install pool alarms?

Safety at the time of swimming is one of the things we should pay more attention to. Statistics indicate that drowning deaths result from carelessness, especially those related to children or pets. For that reason, it is advisable to install alarms for swimming pools and thus have control over the use that is given to that space so loved by all of us.

In many countries worldwide, the installation of immersion alarms is mandatory in order to prevent accidents and to ensure maximum safety. As the name implies, immersion alarms for swimming pools are devices capable of sending us an immediate notification when someone enters it. This function allows us to know when someone is submerged in the water and thus prevent those who do not have the skills to swim or get out of it from suffering some kind of accident.

They are also known as immersion detectors; they are an extremely important element within aquatic safety measures and parameters because they optimize the security of the space and, therefore, increase the tranquility and confidence of the users. They record the movements generated in the flows when someone moves in the water and they also have a siren that indicates when this action happens. It should be noted that this type of technology is designed to detect if the movement it perceives comes from external factors such as rain or natural phenomena or, on the contrary, it is generated from within the facilities of the pool, so the margin of error that they have is very small and the chances of their reporting erroneously are slim.

In addition, there are several alarm models that allow the user to choose the one that best suits their needs. First, we have the perimeter alarms; these devices consist of sensors that indicate when someone has jumped into the water. Its use is very common in spite of being able to give false alarms if any object falls into the pool, for example, but they are highly recommended since they are the fastest warning and, if you have children or pets, it helps you to be aware of how they are.

On the other hand, we have floating alarms. These comply basically with the same function of the previous ones, that is to say, they give a warning before any type of immersion in the water. However, its installation is the simplest since it can be placed on the edges or simply left floating in a specific place in the pool. Furthermore, in more advanced models, they also control the perimeter of the pool, so they are able to detect if there is movement near it.

Finally, we have bracelet or anklet alarms; a much more advanced and technological option. Its function is the same as the previous ones with the difference that they are used directly by the person, which can be an advantage since it provides information from someone in specific but, at the same time, they can give erroneous results since we are in constant contact with water, a factor that can cause their sensors to activate and send wrong signals.

All types of alarms are designed with a specific function; protect the safety of users. But, also, it is important to remember that there are other aspects such as the cleaning of the pools, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria and converts it into a healthier place. And, in addition, there are accessories and instruments that provide more comfort when swimming, such as water heaters for swimming pools.


What are the best 4 slice long slot toaster?

If you are a bread lovers, the first and foremost requirement when you looking for a toaster should be the slot dimensions. You have to ensure that this toaster is fits the bread that you want to toast. Not all models on the market are equal, the width of the slots will determine what type of bread you can toasts.

In order to help you get the best 4 slice toaster that can meet your demand and helps you get a crisp bread, toasted and golden, this post is our advice for long slot toaster.

#1 Why you should get long slot toaster?

At first, you need to decide what your requirements are. If you just want to toast basic sandwich bread for everyday use, then all toasters can do that and the slot width is not your problem. But if you often toast bagels, waffles, large artisan bread, etc. you will need a toaster with long slot. This is because not all toasters can fit large bread. you may need extra wide slots to accommodate your particular tastes.

#2 What are the best long slot toaster?

There are some reliable products of 4 slice long slot toasters that I would like to recommend. Kenmore 40605 Long Slot Toaster, Breville Smart Toaster, KitchenAid Toaster, ect. They are both offer the long slot that can works with most all types and slices of bread.

However, you should consider carefully each of them as they offer different extra features that make your toasting task more easier and conveniently.

#3 How to clean the inside of long slot?

At first, unplug and disconnect your toaster. Disassemble the crumb tray and shake it slightly to get rid of crumbs inside the long slot. Then wash the crumb tray with, they are dishwasher safe, but I recommend that you should hand wash it with a sponge and slightly detergent for the best result.

For the interior, using a soft-bristled, dry toothbrush to clean the slots. If the interior is very dirty, you can add some white vinegar to the bristles of the toothbrush but being careful not to touch the electronic part.

Apart from these thorough cleaning steps above, you also should remove the crumbs as a daily cleaning habit. This will help preserve your toaster and ensure its durability. Wipe the outside of the toaster with a damp cloth.


Omelette Pan vs Frying Pan: What are the differences?

A pan is among the most commonly used cookware in the kitchen. And omelette pan and frying pan are what every on needs in the kitchen. Even though they look very similar, they are designed to perform very different functions and purposes. They come with various different features that have their own unique advantages.

I will show you some differences between an omelet pan and a fry pan so that you know which one to choose for your cooking adventures.

#1 Purpose

The best omelette pan is designed specially for cooking an omelette with higher efficient results than usual. But an omelette pan can do more than this. You can also use it for searing a chicken breast or sauté delicate vegetables or some receipt with soft and light movements.

While a flying pan is mainly using for browning, searing and frying various types of foods. Normally, frying pans will be used with oil or fat.

#2 Diameter

There are the different of diameter between these two pans. Typically, a frying pan has a diameter of 200 to 300 mm. A small omelette pan is normally 8 inches, medium is around 10 inches, and a large omelette pan is normally 12 inches or larger.

However, the bigger the pan the harder it will be to make the perfect omelette though. Frying pans are than larger omelette pans since the frying pan can be used to prepare more food variants and fried large pieces of meats.

#3 Angle Sides

The most noticeable different features about these two pans is the angle sides. To easier flipping omelettes when they are being cooked, an omelette pan angle sides are different while a frying pan has the same angle sides.

#4 Variant

There are some different variants of omelette pan. When it comes to omellette pans, there are usually three major types: the traditional circles pans, the pans with two half-circle compartments which is specialized for making frittatas, and the rectangular pans that are specialized for making Japanese style omelets.

A fry pan does not have two half-circle and rectangular shapes of variant, which is why it is slightly harder to make a French omelet using a fry pan.


Frequently asked question about best fly mask for horse

Fly spray for horse is the popular solution to help you keep insects away from most of your horse’s body, but it may be the challenge for every horse owner to protect horse’s head from flies. A best fly mask for horse is designed to prevent any biting and blood-sucking insects around your horse’s face and head.

If this is the first time you use the fly mask for your horse, this post is going to tell you all the basic things you should know about fly masks. So you will better informed and know how to properly choose and use fly masks.

#1 What are the different styles of fly masks?

There are three main styles of fly masks. They are has its own unique advantages and serve for different purposes. Full-head mask cover the horse’s head from nose up to its ears for full protection. The partial head is the standard style; it will help protect the horse’s head from UV rays and dust. Partial head with no ear coverings is ideal mask while riding or for the horses with sensitive ear and do not like their ears touched or confined.

#2 How do you know if the fly masks is fit the horse’s head?

It is important to ensure the fly mask has the right size that fit with your horse’s head. There is no one size will fit with all head, so make sure that you will properly measure your horse’s head after choosing the mask to find the correct size.

To get the right size you will have to double check your horse’s measurements: Forehead, Head length, measure around your horse’s face and jaw, and each side of neck. The mask should be fit snugly against the head to keep flies out. It also should not too snug, or the head will rub on the skin and make your horses feel uncomfortable

#3 How to clean a fly mask?

You will need to clean the fly mask frequently, even daily if they’ve been very active. And some often use fly spray for horses for masks, so it also needs to be cleaned as it may pick up more dust.If the mask is not clean enough, dirt, mud and other debris may shed into the horse’s eyes or irritate their skin.

It not takes you lots of time to do this. Suck the mask in to the bucket of water and mild soap. You also can mix it with a mild antibacterial agent to kill off bacteria. Then slosh it around gently. Wash it again with clean water before air drying.


Seed hub Canada Review ( BUYERS BEWARE

Are you looking for reliable Canadian seed banks that accept online ordering and deliver your required strains directly at your home? If yes, then please look no further as you have landed on the right page. Please keep reading and you will reveal a detailed and unbiased review of seed hub Canada. Beware Scam Beware Scam


As the name implies, this is one of the well-known Canada-based seed banks that deal with different types of strains. So, if you are currently located in Canada and you are looking for a reliable online marketplace to place an order for your favorite strains, then you can definitely refer to Seed hub Canada. The platform has two good things to mention. First of all, they deal with a diverse range of strains and hence there are close possibilities of finding some rare strains to be ordered through this site. And secondly, the pricing of these strains are reasonable and kept at par with the average industry pricing.


Seed hub Canada is indeed a good site where you will find a huge stock of different types of strains in various categories. Once you visit their website, you will find the available list of strains. Among this list, there are few top-selling ones that you must note, such as Durban poison, strawberry cough, and ripper seeds, etc.

So, if the above ones are your favorite strains, then you can place an order with this site so easily and hassle-freely. If this is the first-time order experience for you, then also please do not worry. The detailed process on how to place an online order with Seed hub Canada is mentioned below.


Well, this is an online website (based out of Canada) that sells various types of strains at a reasonable price. The site only allows for online ordering. There is no offline order placement facility at the moment.


To start with, you will need to visit the official website of Seed hub Canada.


Once you have visited the website, you will now see the available stocks of strains. Please search for the required ones for which you wish to place an order. Hence, once you have found your favorite strains, go ahead and add them to your cart. You can also mention the quantity as well. For example, if you need more quantities of a particular strain, please mention it while placing the order.


You should now provide your address where the order should be delivered. Please make sure to provide a complete address with an accurate landmark for seamless delivery.


As per the step#2 and 3, you have already selected the strains to be ordered from this site and you have also provided the address, you should now opt for the online payment option. Well, Seed hub Canada currently has only one type of online payment mode which is e-transfers.


Once your online payment is successful, the order will be placed and you can expect the order to be delivered within 2-3 weeks.


Best horse grooming kit: Frequently asked questions

Grooming horse is absolutely essential to keep your horse healthy and happy. It is also a great way for you to spend quality time and bond with your horse.  However, grooming horses are much harder than grooming other animals. So you may feel confused with many questions come to your mind about this grooming task.

Once you get the best horse grooming kit with everything you need, this post will clear up your queries to help you give your horse a proper grooming.

#1 How do I properly grooming horse?

With all the tools you have in your grooming kit, here is some basic steps to perform horse grooming

Step 1: Securely attach the horse to a solid pole, steel bar or similar.

Step 2: Use curry comb in circular motions to remove dirt and dust to the surface.

Step 3: Use hard and stiff brushes (body brush) to brush off all the dust in horse’s body.

Step 4: Use a soft brush (Dandy brush) to remove any remaining dirt and mud and brush sensitive areas such as head.

Step 5: Clean the face of the horse with a damp sponge, carefully clean around the eyes and nostrils.

Step 6: Use mane and tail brush to brush out the mane and the tail for detangle free

Step 7: Clean out the hooves with a hoof pick.

#2 How long does it take to groom a horse?

Typically, if you followed these 7 steps above, it will take you 15-25 minutes to groom a horse. This includes the time you spend to secure and restrain your horse. However, this time also can be change depends on how dirty your horse is. It is obvious that it will take longer if f your horse is extra dirty this will likely take longer. Besides, the best grooming kit with quality brushes also can help your grooming task faster.

#3 How often should I groom my horse? 

It is not the exactly time to grooming. Horse grooming can be done daily because it is not only helps your horses keep clean but also make them feel calmed and relax. If your horse live outside in a group with other horses, you should grooming before you ride them. Grooming horses also should be performed in the shedding season of the horses.

#4 How do I clean my grooming tools? 

Grooming a horse with the dirty brushes just make your horse get more dirt. So you must keep them clean by removing excess dirt. At least once a week, washing your grooming tools in a bucket with the mixture of hot water and dish detergent for several minutes. Then wash them again with clean water and allow them to air dry.


What is the Best outdoor rabbit hutch winter?

Although rabbits are surprisingly well adapted to cold temperatures, but if the temperatures down to below 20 degrees F, you will need to take some precautions to keep your rabbit warm and stay healthy in their hutch at these temperatures.

At first, you have to get the best outdoor rabbit hutch, and then follow this post to know some tips to make sure your rabbits are kept warm over winter.

#1 Choosing outdoor rabbit hutch

It is netter to get the outdoor insulated hutch. The rabbit hutch must be waterproof and should have a solid roof with a slight overhang to keep rain and snow out of the hutch.

If your hutch has the wire mesh windows, it is better to choose the one that comes with the removable panel to cover the wire mesh windows, which help reduce drafts and keep the hutch dry. Or you will need to construct the windbreaks. Avoid sealing up the hutch entirely; it can lead to the lack of ventilation

#2 Using a heat pad

You should provide a heated pad for your rabbit and place inside the sleeping area in their hutch, which may increase the ambient temperature in the hutch as well. However, make sure your rabbit has plenty of space to get off the pad easily if the heat pad becomes too hot.

Your rabbits might chew their heat pad, so make sure that it is made of hard plastic. The pads comes with a fleece cover, offer the comfortable platform for your pets.

#3 Using bedding

Do not skip this work. A think layer of newspaper will help retain the heat. Straw is warmer than hay, so you can place a layer of dry straw above newspaper. Or you can mix straw with hay to use as bedding and litter for rabbit then your rabbits will have hay to eat at all times. Using bedding also allow rabbits can dig in and burry themselves.

#4 Cover up

During the winter, you should keep your pets far away from cold wind, rain & snow by using the tarpaulin and cardboard to cover up the hutch. Place tarpaulin cover the top of the hutch will make it water proof. And then use cardboard to cover the wall inside the hutch to against draft. You can stuff the bubble wrap in any small holes in your hutch will also help to keep draft out.


Best incubator for chicken eggs: Brinsea Products Mini II Advance automatic vs Best Choice Products Digital Incubator

Whether it is the first time you hatching eggs or you’ve been doing it for years, there are many things you have to pay attention to such as temperature, turning eggs, ventilation, etc.

It is where the best incubator for chicken eggs comes to handle. The automatic incubator is a device that will provide the proper environment to ensure the health of chicken eggs that are yet to be hatched. Moreover, an incubator will shorten much the hatching time compared to manual incubation methods.

In this post, we help you to choose the most suitable incubator for your needs by introducing you to two common incubators: Brinsea Products Mini II Advance automatic vs Best Choice Products 96 Digital Incubator.

#1 Capacity

The first thing you have to do before choosing an incubator is to determine how many eggs that you plant to hatch at once time. It is will decide the incubator with suitable capacity.

This will help you avoid choosing a larger device than your needs and wasting your money since the capacity of incubators can range from a few eggs to thousands of eggs.

Brinsea Mini II is an ideal incubator for small space. It can be able to hold 7 chicken eggs that will suitable for home use. However, since it can handle only 7 eggs at once time, so if you want to incubate more eggs, you will have to wait for the next time.

The best choice product incubator can hold for an impressive number of eggs. It comes with 12 trays that each holds 8 eggs. It can handle up to 96 chicken eggs. It is ideal for who want to hatch more eggs than just chicken eggs for the farm. This product even can hatch larger eggs of turkey, duck and goose.

#2 Adjustable temperature

Temperature is the most important aspect that will directly determine successful hatching. You will have many works to do if you choose an incubator that does not allow you to adjust the temperature.

Brinsea Mini II includes a fully digital control panel that allows users easy to adjust the proper temperature for hatching incubators. The display of this model show and count down to the day that the chicks plant to hatch.

The best choice product incubator offers the LED display, which shows the current temperature as well as humidity. It will also let you know the tentative hatch day.

However, the drawback is that these two incubators do not feature the alert system, which will warn if the temperature exceeds the allowed level.

#3 Egg turner

In the hatching process, eggs require to be turned for at least 3 times per day. If the incubator does not come with the egg turner, you will have o manually turn the eggs and this work can be a bit inconvenient.

Luckily, these two incubators include the automatic egg turner. You can rest your mind that your eggs are going to be in optimum health when they hatch.


Best fish tank thermometer: RISEPRO Digital Water Thermometer vs JW Pet Company Smarttemp Thermometer

Maintaining the proper water temperature in your aquarium can be a decisive factor for the success of the tank. Any sudden change of temperature can cause catastrophic consequences for the fish and the plant life inside. This is why you should get the best fish tank thermometer to help manage and monitor the temperature.

In order to help you purchase on the right and accurate thermometer, this post will introduce the two best aquarium thermometers: RISEPRO Digital Water Thermometer vs JW Pet Company Smarttemp Thermometer

#1 Easy to use and install

The only job of the thermometer is to measure water temperature; therefore you will not want any complicated setup. It is better to get something that just needs to be placed into the tank, set the safe temperature zone and working smoothly.

JW Pet SmartTemp is an in-tank thermometer but it is extremely easy to install. Unlike the other thermometer that uses a suction cup to attach on the tank, this thermometer of JW Pet offers a magnet to stick to the walls of the tank.

The smart temp thermometer is placed inside the tank, and the magnet goes on outside.  Due to this, you can easily change the placement of this thermometer. Besides, it does not use the suction cup that means it is easy to clean the tank.

Risepro aquarium thermometer is the digital thermometer that includes two parts: a display and a sensor probe. It is very easy to set up and mount in minutes. You just need to simply mount the main display outside the tank. Then place the sensor probe inside underwater. These two parts use the suction cups for mounting.

#2 Temperature range and accuracy

The temperature shown on the thermometer is important. Generally, most fish will live well in the temperature range from 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) to 104 degrees F (40 degrees C), but there are also some special fish that require temperature range out of this zone.

The temperature range of SmartTemp lies between 0-40 degrees C (30-100 degrees F). This is the common range for fish but a few tropical fish will require higher temperature levels.

Risepro thermometer can measure the larger temperature range form -58.0 to 158.0 degrees Fahrenheit (-50.0 to 70.0 degrees Celsius).

Digital aquarium thermometers with LCD display tend to have more accurate reading results than other types of thermometer. There is maybe a difference in temperature (about +/- 2-3 degrees F) from SmartTemp temperature. Means while Rispero temperature will bring the accuracy of +/- 1 degree C.